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Every year, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars program welcomes new undergraduates and graduates from sub-Saharan Africa to Michigan State University's campus. These Scholars have demonstrated academic talent and have a personal commitment to give back to their countries.

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Mavis Dome

Cohort: 2012
Country: Ghana
Level of Study: Graduate
Major: Public Policy
College: College of Social Science
Biography: Mavis is from Gara-Tongo Ghana, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University for Development Studies. She graduated from MSU with a Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Political Science from the College of Social Science in 2014. She believes that The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program has given her a platform to contribute to the development of communities and to serve as a role model to other African youth faced with obstacles to education. Mavis returned to Ghana in 2013 to join the Centre for Democractic Development, an Afrobarometer affiliate.
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