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Every year, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars program welcomes new undergraduates and graduates from sub-Saharan Africa to Michigan State University's campus. These Scholars have demonstrated academic talent and have a personal commitment to give back to their countries.

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Heather Kerubo

Cohort: 2013
Country: Kenya
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Major: Nursing
College: College of Nursing
Biography: Heather Kerubo graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2017. She says the Zawadi Africa Education Fund is the most inspiring project she has ever come across. The founder, Dr. Susan Mboya, encourages students from poor backgrounds to "chase their dreams." Kerubo comes from an area where many people cannot acquire even basic needs. She hopes to develop projects that will help people come out of poverty or at least live above the poverty line. She plans to help more children have access to education. In addition, she wants to guide other students who may be interested in doing the same. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program will make it possible for her to "chase her dream" of becoming someone who will help other people have access to the opportunities she almost missed, but was able to acquire through the empathy of others.
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