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Every year, The MasterCard Foundation Scholars program welcomes new undergraduates and graduates from sub-Saharan Africa to Michigan State University's campus. These Scholars have demonstrated academic talent and have a personal commitment to give back to their countries.

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Oswald Chisala

Cohort: 2015
Country: Zambia
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Major: Electrical Engineering
College: College of Engineering
Biography: Oswald is an undergraduate from Zambia and a double major in Electrical Engineering and Theoretical Physics. Prior to his enrollment at Michigan State University, he was involved in many tutoring and mentoring programs via private organizations and the U.S. Embassy, both of which awarded him opportunities to chaperone young minds and develop the next generation of creative thinkers in Zambia. His career goals involve founding the Unicouger Research and Technology Institute (U.R.T.I.) - an ultramodern multinational facility dedicated to the development of efficient, effective, and eco- and user-friendly technologies for the transportation, communication, energy and biomedical sectors. He understands that though scientific leaders play significant roles within their societies, they are limited by the unavailability of adequate technologies. Ultimately, Oswald hopes to implement technological change throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and, eventually, the world. An advocate for the importance of education, he hopes to earn a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering and Physics, with a concentration in Flight System Development.
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