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Internships and Employment

Internships, research opportunities, and leadership training are an integral part of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. These opportunities will provide Scholars with skills and enrichment in critical thinking, communications, and entrepreneurship, and valuable experience working with diverse groups.

Internships and Research

Both undergraduate and graduate Scholars will complete internships or research in Africa during their studies. Undergraduate Scholars hold internships in the summer following their second year of studies, and the graduates complete their internships in the summer following their first year.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program team at MSU works with Scholars to find internship opportunities that will enhance and expand skills related to their discipline. The Scholarship will pay for round-trip airfare to Africa and provide a stipend to cover living expenses.

Working During the Program

Graduate and undergraduate Scholars who are in good academic standing may seek the program's permission to work. Undergraduates aren't eligible for work permission in their first semester of studies.

Transitioning After Graduation

Mastercard Foundation Scholars can work closely with an MSU-based Career Development Manager to find suitable employment opportunities in Africa. As part of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Network, Scholars will have also have access to the Africa Careers Network Portal to help them to secure employment after completing their studies. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Team at MSU will work with Scholars to understand their transition needs and make recommendations of support whether that is employment, further education, or entrepreneurial ventures. 

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